The proposing organization The Association of Butchers and Producers of Processed Meat of the Republic of Poland

Association of Butchers and Producers of Processed Meat of the Republic of Poland (Polish abbrev. SRW RP) is the oldest organization working for the meat industry in Poland. It was re-activated in 1990 in Warsaw at the initiative of tradesmen interested in forming a representative body supporting their activities.

The Association of Butchers and Meat Producers of the Republic of Poland currently bands together 210 meat and meat product manufacturers and other companies operating on the meat market, which constitutes a quarter of the total number of Polish manufacturers. At the same time, the Association covers 55% of the pork meat production market, 48% beef and 45% veal. It is a voluntary and autonomous association of butchers and cold cuts producers who operate in the meat and meat products industry and of other entities operating in related or similar industries.

Association of Butchers and Producers of Processed Meat of the Republic of Poland takes advantage of having a long record of organizing and co-organizing various kinds of undertakings, from fairs, through domestic and international conferences, training sessions, information meetings, competitions and clusters. During the periods 2007-2009 and 2010-2012, The Association carried out two large promotional programs entitled "Meat and meat-derived products – tradition and taste" and "European Table-tradition, modernity, quality" with a substantial contribution of the EU and under the monitoring on the part of the Agricultural Market Agency. The Association is also present in the initiatives related to the implementation of the animal identification system, which is inseparably connected to the conformity of the production standards to the EU requirements.
Agricultural Market Agency

Agricultural Market Agency, established in 1990 for the purposes of stabilization of the agricultural market and protection of the agricultural production revenue, has since May 1st 2004 been a payment agency and functions in accordance with EU legislation.

Agricultural Market Agency, after obtaining the accreditation, manages select Polish mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

The direct application of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in Poland means that the intervention programs are launched in the cases provided for in the EU legislation or by a decision of the European Commission taken after analyzing the situation on the agricultural markets.
The structure of the European Union, including the meat industry

In the European Parliament there are two Committees which cover meat in their scope:
  • Committee for the Protection of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development
Polish Chamber of Commerce Promotion Center Ltd.

Polish Chamber of Commerce Promotion Center Ltd. is the body responsible for the implementation of the promotional program "European meat - tradition, quality and taste".

The activities of the PCC Promotion Center Ltd. are aimed at a comprehensive support of promotion and foreign trade, in particular the development of export. The activities of the Center include export counseling, organization of fairs, exhibitions, advertising campaigns, trade missions, seminars, specialized training workshops and conferences.

Polish Chamber of Commerce Promotion Center Ltd. was established in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the main self-government institution in Poland, which, through its associated organizations, bands together about 500 thousand enterprises.

Promotion Center has realized a series of pro-export and training-advisory projects, a series of Polish National Exhibitions abroad on behalf of the Ministry of Economy of the Republis of Poland along with Polish participation in trade exhibitions in Europe, Asia and Africa. Promotion Center is also the contractor accredited by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development for the implementation of export promotion projects within the framework of the assistance programmes of the European Union.