The high-quality poultry is juicy, crisp and soft in its structure.
High-quality poultry meat includes chicken breast, chicken tenderloins, whole goose, goose legs, goose breast, as well as turkey breast and turkey tenderloin.
The variety of poultry meats allows you to prepare many attractive dishes, rich in flavor and nutrients. High quality poultry meat can not only be cooked and braised, but also roasted and fried in moulds, as well as used for barbecuing.


Chicken breastfillet

Chicken breast fillet is a lean meat. The meat has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor. The meat has a soft, resilient and firm structure. It is ideal for dishes as fried, grilled, roasted, braised and cooked meat. Due to its versatility, it can be made into breaded chops, pocket cutlets, can be braised in a variety of sauces, chopped into smaller pieces and stir-fried, cooked and added to salads, as well as smoked. It goes perfectly with rice, vegetables, potatoes and pasta.

Chicken tenderloin

Chicken tenderloin meat is the poultry meat commonly considered to be a fine portion of the chicken, very delicate in texture and very soft. An additional advantage of this part of the poultry meat is the ease and quickness of preparation.


Whole goose

Whole goose meat has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor. The goose is most commonly served roasted or braised. It is usually stuffed with apples, plums, herbs and mushrooms. Young geese's meat does not require a large amount of spices, but older pieces need first to be soaked in a marinade of olive oil or wine. Braise the whole goose in a roasting pan or a heat-resistant dish. Serve on a platter with roasted potatoes or barley.

Goose breast

The breast is obtained in the boning of the goose carcass. The highest quality breast is dark-pink in color and has an average content of fat tissue. Goose meat is perfectly suited for fried, roasted or braised dishes. It does not require a large amount of spices, best goes with rice, potatoes, beans and dark sauces: plum, juniper, mushroom or cherry. In addition, the goose breast can also be smoked.

Goose leg

Goose legs are obtained in the boning of the goose carcasses. The meat is characterized by a distinctive delicate flavor and an intense aroma of meat. The meat from this part of the goose is quite firm, but juicy. Goose leg is perfectly suited for fried, roasted or braised dishes. In addition, it can also be used to cook soups, broths, stocks and stews. Floured or breaded, and dipped in eggs, it can be fried in a pan, roasted in the oven or on the barbecue. Goose legs can also be smoked and served as a snack.


Turkey breast fillet

Turkey Breast is obtained in the boning of the turkey carcass. Turkey fillet meat is lightly-colored, lean and because of its smoothness it goes perfectly with a variety of sides, which can be freely chosen to one's taste, ranging from sweet, through mild, through spicy, through to hot. The meat can be roasted and fried. Turkey meat is relatively easy to prepare, it does not require a long-lasting preparation or softening before cooking. Turkey breast can be used to prepare schnitzel and many other dishes.

Turkey tenderloin

Tenderloin is considered one of the finest portions of turkey. It is obtained in the boning of the turkey carcass. Turkey meat is white, finely fibrous, and thus crisp, does not require a long heat treatment or high temperatures. An additional advantage of this part of the turkey is the ease and quickness of preparation. With turkey tenderloin, you can prepare turkey medallions.


Slaughter poultry is primarily domesticated species of hens, turkeys, ducks and geese. In some countries, there is also a small scale use of guineafowl, pheasants, quail, and, for the last 20 years, also ostriches. The main raw material are broilers, which constitute more than 80% of the total poultry population. Within each species, the selection for breeding accounts for the growth rate, the degree of fat layer on the meat, the degree of utilization of feed, the time necessary to reach the slaughter weight, resistance to disease, etc.

In the rearing of the broilers, the ancestorial genetic material is mostly the cross between the breeds Dominant White Cornish x White Rock. Depending on the genotype, the quality of feed, environmental conditions, final body weight requirements, etc. their rearing time varies from 6 to 8 weeks. The buyer's requirements usually vary between the light type (reaching the body weight above 1.5 kg at the age of 6 weeks), intended for sale in the form of whole birds or its components; and the heavy type (reaching the body weight above 2.0 kg at the age of 8 weeks), intended for the production of meat products.

Hens are mainly bred for the production of consumer eggs and as breeders for the production of hatching eggs (broilers and egg-laying hens). Egg-laying hens' bodies are usually poor in muscle mass, and the meat is tough, dry and sinewy.

Turkeys are used exclusively for the production of meat. The carcasses are very muscular and have a very effective meat to bone ratio. The breeds most commonly used are the Beltsville, Bronze and Broad Breasted White. Slaughter of turkeys occurs at the age of about 12 weeks (turkey broilers) or at the age of 14-24 weeks as young slaughter turkeys.

Industrial rearing of ducks usually utilizes the Pekin and Muskovy Duck breeds. The Pekin ducks reach the mass over 2.8 kg at the age of 7 weeks, but their carcasses are have a relatively thick layer of fat. The birds of the Muscovy Duck breed are characterized by a much thinner fat layer and better muscle mass; they reach slaughter readiness at the age of 10-12 weeks and at the body weight of about 2.5 kg (ducks) to 4.3 kg (drakes).

Geese rearing utilizes a number of local varieties. Depending on the body weight at the time of slaughter, there are three commercial types:
  • light geese (Chinese, Egyptian, Canada), whose ganders reach the mass of about 5 kg,
  • middle-weight geese (Roman Tufted, Rhenish, Slovak White),whose ganders reach the mass of about 8 kg,
  • heavy-weight heavy (Emden, Toulouse) about 10 kg respectively